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IT and Written WordAndviv is a consulting firm that provides consultant and implementation services in two related areas of expertise: as consultants in the Information Technology ("IT") world and as Wordsmiths (the Writing and Language arenas). The IT services are targeted at businesses that do not have full-time IT staff, or require specialised knowledge of specific areas (security, support, networking, server set-up). Wordsmithing is provided as a contract resource for individual projects where the importance of the message is paramount. We specialise in Linux / Unix / Open Source solutions integrated with Microsoft® desktop/workstations/servers to deliver implementations that are specially designed for your environment. As a wordsmith, we can provide creative, layout, proofing, editing and training services in several languages and medium (primarily web and print). We believe that Our business is to help improve your business.

view of Melbourne CBDLocated in Melbourne, Australia, Andviv specialises in providing services tailored to the customer's needs. From the translation and editing of documents to technical writing, through to security audits and systems integration, we have a simple maxim: attention to detail. In all of our services, we take the time to ensure that you, the customer, are happy with the end result.

In addition to the design, and implementation, of a system that first fits your requirements, we also strive for a managed balance of computer security (both physical and network) and business risk (data loss, systems down-time, disaster planning). The current Internet connected world exposes business to a high-level of Virus/Trojan/Crackers, especially when information is shared with others. With custom designed firewall environments and system monitoring, these risks can be managed. Additionally your internal networking configuration has to be considered in any risk evaluation. Andviv provides System vulnerability auditing servers to determine just where you may be exposed, and can provide solutions / services to rectify the problems detected.

Why this combination of two apparently dissimilar industries? Easily explained: often it is necessary to provide reports for clients in an easy-to-read, non-technical form. Unfortunately, our technically proficient consultants are highly qualified and hence we use our in-house writing/language staff to ensure the end report is comprehensible to others. Keeping in mind the old adage "waste not, want not", our writing staff can also handle most foreign languages, so Andviv also provides direct access to that specialised service.

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